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Hompath Zomeo - Because All about Homeo is on Zomeo

Repertorisation software
Hompath Zomeo , a complete homeopathic software with Complete A-Z solution for every Homeopath having latest Complete Repertory 2016 , 1300+ volumes of homeopathic books, Information of 3200+ remedies, Quick Repertorisation and Quick Case Record, some of the best Expert Systems from over the world and 16 Journal variants with 8700+ homeopathic Articles.
10 million Symptoms 40 Repertories 7343 Articles 1561 Keynotes
1274 Volumes of data 4 Expert Systems 3000+ Remedies 636 Clinical Tips
8105 Cured Cases Repertory Software Complete Repertory 2016 Materia Medica Software
hompath is an easy to use Repertorisation software that comes in different avatars – Zomeo, EcoTeak, IceBreaker, NeoMetal, FireFly, Edge and Suite and also available as LAN version.

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Hompath on Mobile – World’s complete homeopathic mobile app.

Repertorisation software
Hompath Mobile App is a powerful homeopathic app that increases your prescribing pace and lets you access the vast database of repertories, materia medica, clinical books and therapeutics wherever you go.
  • Get Repertory, Materia Medica & books at your finger tips.
  • Analyse, Repertorise, Prescribe wherever you go!
  • Manage and Reportorize your case with a Simple, Intuitive App
  • Your Patients Anywhere & Anytime
  • Value-added Homeopathic information
  • Compatible with iOS(image) and android(image)

Hompath Mobile app is a new Intuitive and innovative homeopathic mobile app with the widest array of features, is available in following versions

Hompath FireFly Mobile App: A complete homeopathic mobile app with 10 repertories and 107 latest books. Click here to view more.

Zomeo Mobile App: A Advanced homeopathic mobile app with 33 Repertories with Complete Repertory 2016 repertories and 820+ books. Click here to view more.

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Cure Is All That Matters!

Materia Medica Software
CURE is a complete DVD set with combined knowledge equivalent to 25 Seminars. Includes powerful presentations from 100+ National & International Teachers
300+ interesting Cases 500+ Multimedia Presentations
3000+ Remedy Properties 800+ Remedy Relationships
1500+ Remedy Descriptions 600+ Specialized Patient Instructions
1500+ Remedy Descriptions with confirmatory symptoms 600+ Specialized Patient Instructions for Clinical Conditions
Newly Proved Remedies Like Ayahuasca, Salmon, Olive, Helium, Ginseng, Lotus, Mandrake Root, Rosa Canina, Rosa Gallica
Own this Total Solution now at a Special Introductory Price
Compatible with Windows Cure Series and Mac Cure Series OS.
Click here to view Materia Medica presentation of Cannabis Sativa
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